OpenLink Ads

Open-source adverstising service for personal websites.

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NeoLink’s source code, but it’s public and can be edited.


Most of the ad services on Neocities (BannerLink, NavLink, ButtonLink) are based on NeoLink’s source code.

I made it open-source because I want it to be open for user contributions without needing to send an E-Mail to a webmaster just to add you to the ad service, and because I want other people to make their own ad services as well!

You can also check out Linkshuffle if you want!


To get accepted into OpenLink, you must adhere to the following:


To embed it, here’s the sample code:

<iframe width="180" height="180" style="border:none" src="" name="neolink"></iframe>

NOTE: You can change the width and height of the embed if you want!


To add a site, simply fork, add links to your site and the ad image, and then make a pull request!

The image must be placed either on the repo’s img/ folder, or using a file host to avoid hotlinking on free Neocities sites.


OpenLink, as well as it’s base and the countless modifications are not commercial. Meaning you can’t make money from it, sorry about that!

Think of it as an image-based webring.


Original NeoLink is made by Googol, OpenLink is licensed under MIT License.